Get Wednesday started off “on the right foot!”


Preparing another great Awareness Through Movement® lesson for tomorrow’s class –

7:30 AM at The Posture Company/ 3515 Cedar Springs Rd

$15 Drop-in rate

I started reviewing this lesson Monday, slept on it, and was rewarded in this morning’s spin class: A specific orientation for my attention (my feet and their connections to my ankles, legs, the rest of me totally highlighted throughout class) and a precise, injury-free, vivid experience moving on the bike.

Yes, I spin consistently, multiple times a week. Yes, the only thing I do more consistently is to hone my skills of attention, for just these situations.

  • Would you like to be able to coordinate movement/activity with clarity and presence?
  • How about learning practical skills to help you avoid injury in any activity?
  • Do you want to experience more ease, excellence and efficiency in your actions, even especially more strenuous ones?!?

Join us tomorrow (Wednesday) morning and learn to refine and direct your movement & attention toward your own goals – whatever they may be!