Classes and workshops

Awareness Through Movement® lessons

Awareness Through Movement can be taught to individuals or groups. In these lessons, I will verbally lead you through a sequence of movements in basic positions: sitting or lying on the floor, standing or sitting in a chair. These precisely structured movement explorations involve thinking, sensing, moving, feeling, and imagining. By developing a greater awareness of how you move, you will learn to abandon habitual patterns of movement and develop new alternatives, resulting in improved flexibility and coordination. As you learn to let go of limiting habits, you will find satisfaction in your newfound abilities.

Many lessons are based on developmental movements and ordinary functional activities (reaching, standing, lying to sitting, looking behind yourself, etc.) Some are based on more abstract explorations of joint, muscle, and postural relationships. There are hundreds of ATM® lessons, varying in difficulty and complexity, for all levels of movement ability. A lesson generally lasts from 30 – 60 minutes.

After experiencing Awareness Through Movement lessons, people often express feelings of relaxation and ease. They may breathe more freely and find their thoughts have more clarity. The learning process is full of pleasant surprises and personal breakthroughs.